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Beverage and importation

Bottling factory - Orange juice bottling line for processing and bottling juice into bottles. Selective focus.

Enjoy our beverages knowing that your health is important to us.


The regulations for manufacturing and importing beverages can vary depending on the type of beverage. There are a few key steps we  be follow to legally manufacture and import beverages:

  • Obtain any necessary licenses or permits:  These can include a food manufacturing license, a liquor license, or a permit to import food products.
  • Comply with food safety regulations: Beverages are manufactured in a facility that meets food safety regulations to ensure the products are safe for consumption. This include maintaining proper  sanitation, storage, and labeling of the products.
  • Comply with labeling and packaging requirements: Beverages  have proper labeling and packaging that meets the regulations of the country of import or export. This can include information about ingredients, nutritional information, and any warning or advisory statements.